Smite the Scourge of Robocalls Forever with Nomorobo


Has there ever been a more dystopian experience than hearing your phone ring a dozen times per day, and choosing not to answer because you know it's a Robocall? Are you one of those folks that are choosing to keep your landline for a "just in case" scenario, but are at your wit's end? Then brace yourself for the game-changer that is Nomorobo.

Nomorobo is a call-blocking service that integrates seamlessly with your phone provider to kill those pesky robocalls before they arrive. For most folks it's completely free and works great, so it's definitely a "no-brainer"! They do also offer an iPhone app to block robocalls coming to your cell phone, although they charge a small monthly fee for that portion of the service (so worth it!). Reach out to me if you'd like some help getting it set up for your landline or cell phone. :)