Prepare Yourselves for Gigabit Fiber (a.k.a. Blazing Fast Internet Bliss)


I have helped many of you with your internet connection over the years, and the consensus is nearly unanimous -- Internet Service Providers are costly, unpleasant to interact with, and can be a headache for the whole household to try and troubleshoot... Enter Sonic Gigabit Fiber! This friendly neighborhood ISP had previously been limited to piggy-backing off of AT&T's DSL phone lines, but is now aggressively building out a super high-speed fiber optic network throughout the Bay.  This offering is going to be amazing because it's the best of all worlds:

  • Unbelievably fast speeds -- Sonic offers a "symmetrical" 1000 Mbps, meaning that you can both send and receive data at equally crazy speeds. In comparison, AT&T generally caps out at 25 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload, while Comcast generally caps out at 250 down/5-10 up. You'd really notice this difference if, for example, you wanted to share a big video or home movie you made on your phone with your family -- with AT&T or Comcast that upload could take hours, whereas with Sonic it would be minutes.
  • Great customer service -- If you have ever tried to deal with AT&T or Comcast customer service, you'll probably feel an internal groan of frustration upon learning that need to call them up. Sonic brands themselves as the friendly "hipster" company that wants to talk with you. It's very pleasant talking with them, and you feel like they care.
  • Jaw-dropping affordability -- so what's the catch? Clearly a product that delivers up to 50x better performance coupled with great customer service is going to cost a fortune, right? Wrong. Sonic Gigabit is rolling out at $40/month. To me, this is the definition of both "having cake" and "eating cake". ;)

They are working to roll the service out in the East Bay through the Fall, but many areas may not actually have access to them until 2019, so the only reason not to go with them is that you can't have them yet. ;) If you'd like some help looking into this, talking with them, or just have any questions about what this might entail for you, please reach out and we can chat!