Apple Watch Series 4 Gets My "Holiday Gift of the Year" Recommendation


As exciting as it’s been to see new iPads, Macs, and iPhones, my favorite product from Apple this year by far is the Apple Watch Series 4. I’d owned a Series 2 Apple Watch ever since it was released in 2016, and although I’d been quite happy with the features, I knew I’d be waiting until they updated the form factor before upgrading again. The watch looked and felt bulkier on my wrist than I’d like, and the screen real estate felt a bit cramped to want to interact with it more than checking the time, seeing the identity of an incoming call, or quickly reading an incoming text or news headline. I watched as Series 3 came and went last year, adding optional LTE/Cellular on the Watch — allowing you to make calls or listen to music using your Watch and some Airpods without bringing your phone — but still no change to the form factor.

My prayers were answered this year, however, with Series 4. They were able to make the Watch 10% thinner — a modest but welcome improvement — while narrowing the bezel around the edge of the screen enough to increase visible real estate by 30% without increasing the size of the face. The screen is also much brighter, more colorful, and — with the addition of several lovely new Watch Faces (2 of which are optimized to take advantage of the Series 4’s additional real estate) — very pleasant to look at. I opted for the silver Stainless Steel finish with a black leather band, and am really appreciative of its sharp and clean look.

Beyond its dapper looks, however, the Series 4 sports some seriously cool new features, focusing especially on health and fitness. These offerings now include:

  • a better and more accurate heart rate monitor

  • an app that allows you to give yourself an ECG and send it to your health care provider.

  • improved workout interface, including automatic workout detection and more fine-tuned features for different types of exercise

  • slip and fall detection — a new feature that determines if you’ve taken a fall, asks if you’re ok, and calls emergency services & contacts if you don’t reply

With all of these innovations, Apple’s wearable is increasingly moving into “must-have” territory, especially for those who want to work smarter or be more proactive about monitoring their health and fitness. I couldn’t be happier with mine, and I recommend it highly!

If you have been considering an Apple Watch for yourself or a loved one, feel free to reach out with any questions and I’d be happy to discuss!