Eero 2.0 Released


In my last newsletter I talked about Eero, the amazing WiFi mesh system that blankets your home in WiFi coverage and obliterates dead spots. They have just released a brand new version of their product with even more power, so if you haven't had a chance to check it out, I recommend you do so! 

The product works spectacularly, and allows you to manage your network seamlessly using the handy dandy iPhone app. 

Click here to watch their hilarious promotional video. You will either laugh or cry when you watch it, depending on how much you relate to these poor people trying to get WiFi coverage in their house. ;)

There is a bit of a waitlist on the new Eero (estimates on their site and Amazon are putting the delivery window at 3-5 weeks), so if resolving your WiFi woes feels important to you I'd recommend speaking to me soon about which Eero setup is right for your home.